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Welcome to Protect Worldwide, your trusted partner in comprehensive security solutions.

From close protection and security consultancy to executive transport, tour security, and risk management, we prioritize your safety with a global perspective.

Our team of highly trained professionals is committed to safeguarding your interests, ensuring peace of mind in an ever-evolving world.

Explore the pinnacle of security services with Protect Worldwide – where safety knows no boundaries.

Client Satisfaction

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Client Satisfaction is our foremost priority. We pride ourselves on a track record of exceeding expectations, providing highly effective security solutions. Our tailored approach ensures that each client receives personalised attention, fostering a sense of trust and confidence. Discover the epitome of security services, where your satisfaction is not just a goal but a commitment upheld by our seasoned professionals..

Quality Service

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We redefine the standard for quality service, offering a seamless blend of expertise, discretion, and innovation. Our commitment to safeguarding what matters most is reflected in every detail of our operations. From meticulously planned security protocols to a team of highly skilled professionals, we deliver unparalleled protection with a focus on precision and reliability. Experience the pinnacle of quality service – where your safety is our foremost priority, and excellence is non-negotiable.

Trusted Operatives

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Our operatives are handpicked to suit each individual client with the aim of upholding our values and standards aswell as providing a seamless protective detail to the client. A vast experience on complex tasks allows each individual operative to be dynamic and effective in any given situation.



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Close Protection

At Protect Worldwide, our close protection services redefine security excellence.
Our highly skilled and discreet professionals are dedicated to ensuring your safety in every environment.

With a meticulous approach, we tailor personalized protection plans, employing advanced risk assessment strategies to anticipate and mitigate potential threats.

Trust Protect Worldwide for unparalleled close protection services that prioritize your well-being, allowing you to navigate the world with confidence and peace of mind.

Tour Security

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Embark on worry-free journeys with Protect Worldwide's Tour Security services. Our dedicated team ensures that your travels are secure, allowing you to focus on the experience rather than safety concerns. From meticulous planning to on-the-ground support, we seamlessly integrate security measures, providing a discreet yet robust protective shield for your tours. Explore the world with confidence, knowing that Protect Worldwide is committed to your safety.

Lifestyle management & concierge service

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Discover a seamless blend of convenience and luxury with our lifestyle management and concierge service. Elevate your day-to-day experience as we handle tasks big and small, from organizing travel plans to securing exclusive reservations. Unleash the full potential of your lifestyle with our dedicated concierge team, committed to curating a world of ease and indulgence for you.

Executive Travel

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Elevate your executive travel experience with Protect Worldwide's premium Executive Transport services. Our fleet of meticulously maintained vehicles, accompanied by highly trained professionals, ensures a seamless and secure journey for top-tier executives. From airport transfers to VIP events, we prioritize safety and efficiency, offering a discreet and reliable transportation solution. Trust Protect Worldwide to provide a sophisticated travel experience, where security meets luxury, setting a new standard for executive transport excellence.

Security Consultancy and Risk Management

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Empower your business with Protect Worldwide's elite Security Consultancy and Risk Management services. Our seasoned experts analyze and fortify your security infrastructure, providing strategic insights to mitigate potential risks. We tailor comprehensive risk management strategies, integrating cutting-edge technologies and industry best practices. With Protect Worldwide, anticipate, prepare, and navigate challenges effectively, ensuring the resilience and security of your operations. Elevate your defense posture with our consultancy – safeguarding your assets and future success.

Female Close Protection Team

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Protect Worldwide proudly introduces our elite all-female close protection team, highly skilled professionals committed to ensuring the safety and security of our clients. Our team combines expertise in risk assessment, tactical training, and situational awareness to provide discreet and effective protection in diverse environments. Committed to breaking stereotypes, our female operatives bring a unique blend of adaptability, intelligence, and precision to every assignment, making Protect Worldwide the trusted choice for comprehensive and empowering security solutions.


The Know-how

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Tour Security

Tour Security

Tour Security

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Lifestyle Management

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